About Me

New look to the blog! September is finally here and it's time to start baking again. A little over a year ago, I chose to bake a different pie each week for 12 months. Now that I've completed that project, I'm ready for something new. This year my goal is to try 52 new bread recipes. Upon request, I'll also be blogging a few other recipes and random crafts I complete throughout the year but my main focus will the bread. (Trust me, this isn't turning into another generic baking/cooking/crafting blogs. There are too many of those out there already.)

A few facts about myself: 
Mid-twenties - did you know that 25 is only 15 years until 40? Sick.
World traveler 
Cheap beer/nice wine drinker
I run to keep myself sane (when I actually get around to it)
Reader - another goal this year is to start a book club. It's totally happening.
Farmer's daughter - thus the new blog title
and now a baker!